Our School

13suli_0.jpgThe Imre Madach Hungarian-English Bilingual Primary School can be found in Szeged. It is located in a one hundred-year-old building in the centre of Szeged.


  • 8 grades (ages: 6-14)
  • 637 pupils
  • teaching staff: 43 teachers
  • 1 native teachers
  • wide range of extra curricular activities
  • open, friendly, child-centered atmosphere

We participate in competitions organized by our or other schools of the city.

The school has classes specialized in intensive sport and English bilingual programmes.

Sports have always been important in the life of the school. The special P.E programme started in 1973. Our students have achieved excellent results especially on the field of athletics, basketball and football. After leaving our school they become competitors of national teams.

In 1992 our school started a bilingual program which consists of the following curriculum:
primary English, basics of History and Environmental Studies, continuing with Biology and Geography, Art and Music.

Every year a study group travels to England to practise their language skills and to enhance their knowledge of the country. We would not only like our students to acquire an excellent use of the language within the 8 years, but also to be exposed to a broader worldview type of instruction which will assist them in assimilating European thinking.

Extra lesson activities:

Our pupils are often taken to theatres, and museums as extra lesson activities. Every year we organize "School in the forest" week where the students gain wider knowledge of the natural environment.

Afternoon clubs:

  • sports, fine arts, drama, chess, dance
  • trips, cultural programmes, parties
  • computer, clute, jazz ballet courses

Holiday programmes:

We offer our pupils a wide range of holiday camps and trips:

in winter:

  • skiing in Austria

in summer:

  • craft camp
  • English camp
  • educational trip to Britain or Malta


  • the programmes of the Madách- week
  • school-ball with school-leavers' dance is organized every year
  • our school celebrated the 135th anniversary of its existence in 2008